Maggie Erickson, creator of SilverTree Jewelry and lover of all things antique/vintage, has been making jewelry for over seventeen years. In 2010, she inherited a few random pieces of family silver that sat in a drawer until she had a life-changing lightbulb moment: “people should WEAR their memories, not keep them shoved in a drawer”. Since then, she’s been inspiring people all over the United States to wear pieces of jewelry made from antique or family heirloom silver.

The power of storytelling and memory are at the heart of what we do at SilverTree. Our jewelry keeps your precious memories close. We love honoring the silver artisans of the past, while updating the pieces into something that can be worn and enjoyed every day. Nothing is mass-produced. Everything is carefully handcrafted. It’s a slow, intentional process, and it is so very fulfilling because it’s more than a piece of jewelry. It’s a memory.

We can make pieces from your family silver, your silver pattern (we’ll purchase a piece in your family pattern from our sources so you don’t break up a set), or from silver in our extensive collection of unusual patterns.

What a sweet gift that can be treasured for generations to come!